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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” - Charlie Munger

We will not reinvent the wheel.
We will use some of the great content created by reputable source and bring that to you. Primarily hand selected YouTube videos. We believe this content will deliver good educational message in easy to understand method.*

Our Investment Gurus

Wisdom from these gurus helped shape our investment mind set. These gurus are time tested with proven strategies for wealth building.

Stock Portfolio Picks

Although most stocks are our current holding but sharing with you as an educational picks. This is not investment advice.

Power of compounding

If I invest $1000 USD every year starting age 18 for 50 years (until age 68 at 10% return. What will be the total investment be?

Play with the calculator attached in the link to determine the returns on your investment. Average market return is about 10% over 20 + years.

* Content on this site is not a medical advice. The content is only for educational purposes to discuss with your financial professional.